How To Get Your Website Indexed Quickly

How To Get Your Website Indexed Quickly

Just because you created a new website does not mean Google will ever include it on the search engine results page. Over the weekend, a friend reached out and asked why he didn’t see his website ranked on Google.  After my initial laugh, I asked a few questions.

Q: How long ago was the site created?
A: I just finished it on Friday

Q. Did you submit the site to Google
A: Yes, I told you I finished the site on Friday

Q: No, you actually have to submit the site to Google and tell them to include it in their index. Did you do that?
A: No, I thought you just created a website with good content and Google would find it and rank it for me.

Wow, wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy.  Just spend a few hours building out a new WordPress site, go out for dinner, and come home and see your site ranked #1 on Google. Yeah, things are slightly harder than “build it and they will come”, but we do want to give you some actionable advice to make sure your website does get picked up by the search engines and ranked in their index.  If the site is not in the index, it will never rank!

Get Indexed On Google In Less Than 5 Minutes

To ensure Google has found your website, simply go to Google, and search for submit my URL to Google.

Enter in your URL, and click on I’m not a robot.  Google may ask you to verify a few pictures of storefronts or pictures of food to prove you are a human viewer and not a bot.  Then submit request.  Within a few minutes your webpage should be indexed in Google.  (Note, I said your webpage, not your entire website.  There are a few other things you would need to do in order to get your entire website indexed this quickly, but if you only have a few pages on your site, you can follow this method in order to have each one indexed.)

If you want to check and see if your site has been included in Google’s index, do another search on Google using the site: function.

On the Google search page type… (it doesn’t have to be .com, just an example)

If your page has been included in Google’s index, it will show below. If you have multiple pages indexed in Google like we do on our blog, you will see the total number of pages that is included in Google index.  In this example, we have hundreds of pages indexed for our website.  You can submit multiple pages of your site directly from this submit your site URL.

There are obviously other ways to do this, and the best way is to use your Webmaster Tools account, but we wanted to provide you with a quick and easy method to have your content indexed quickly. If you are having problems getting your site indexed quickly in Google, reach out to one of the experts at Hit Me SEO and we can review your site with you to determine any issues you may be having.

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