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Pay-Per-Click Management and Paid Search Optimization

If you currently use Pay-Per-Click advertising for your website, or have used it in the past, chances are you have a very strong opinion about how well, or how expensive it can be. Nearly every client that we have ever worked on PPC with has stated it works, but it is just too expensive.  Our goal with each campaign is to optimize the campaign so well, that we show a minimum ROI of 3 to 1. Yes, for every dollar you spend on Adwords, we want to see a minimum of $3 return on your investment.

Why The Search Engine Giant Makes Billions Each Year

Google is a Money Making Machine! The company rakes in Billions each year, and advertisers continue to spend thousands of dollars month after month because it works. Google has created the greatest advertising medium we may ever see in our lifetime, and you can use it to introduce your product to the ranking on Google

If you don’t know what you are doing on Adwords, you will literally throw money away each and every day. Make a mistake, and it will cost you a ton of money. We have worked with clients that offer local services, yet had advertisements showing up on the other side of the Country. We have had clients paying for phrases and terms that do not relate to their business.

Target The Exact Clients Looking To Buy Your Product Or Service

Google allows you to pinpoint exactly when you want to show up at the top of the paid listings, for the phrases, terms, areas, times of day, time of year, whether or not you want to show up on mobile devices like Ipads and Iphones, and if you want to have your phone number listed in your ads.  You are in total control of how much money you want to spend, and at what pace.  The problem is most people give control to Google, by setting up an Adwords Express account, or simply not knowing what to do, how much to bid, or countless other reasons.  Why give that control to the company that has an obligation to their stockholders to make a huge profit?

Managing Your Adwords Account On Your Own?

If you are currently using Pay Per Click, take a moment and fill out a quick form for a free audit of your campaign. Within minutes you will be able to see if you are getting the most out of your campaign, or if you are leaving money on the table.

You can also call us to have a more thorough analysis of your account. We will look into aspects of your account like your Privacy policy, display URL’s, location extensions, split testing, and remarketing, just to name a few.  The smallest tweak in your account could account for a 1% increase in your conversions.

What would a 10% increase in Conversions mean to your business?

  • $500 a month?
  • $5,000 a month?
  • $50,000 a month?
  • Is $50,000 unrealistic to you?  Look at this example of a current Adwords client, and look at what a small increase in conversions can do for a small business.
  • $1000 a month Adwords Budget.
  • Initial Conversion Rate – 1.2%
  • Average Cost Per Click – $3.59
  • They received roughly 280 clicks per month.
  • 3.36 conversions per month.
  • After optimization of Adwords Campaign
  • Conversion rate of 11.8%
  • They still received 280 clicks per month.
  • 33 Conversions per month.
  • 3 Conversions per month compared to 33……….Would that impact your bottom line?
  • If you sell a product that profits $1,667 per order, 30 additional sales per month makes you……..
  • AN ADDITIONAL $50,000 per month!


Working With A Google Certified Partner

You have the opportunity to manage Adwords and any paid advertising on your own. However, this should really be a job that you outsource and trust the professionals. It is not uncommon for local businesses to turn on an Adwords campaign, and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in a very short period of time without seeing any return on the investment. We are a Google Certified Partner, and go through a rigorous screening and testing process in order to put this badge on our website. We can help you show a great ROI on your paid advertising with Google, and can also help you manage Bing Paid Ads as well as Facebook. Our goal is to provide you with an arsenal of SEO services to give you and unfair advantage over your competition. Give us a call now and discuss your current campaign, and how Hit Me SEO can improve your ROI in the months and years to come.

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