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Discovery Page For DUI Attorneys

Maryland SEO Discovery Form

Hit Me SEO is NOT for all Attorneys.

We would love to help every attorney throughout the US, but we simply cannot help every law firm. At Hit Me SEO, we are contacted weekly by prospective legal clients as well as other SEO professionals looking to implement some of our most effective online marketing strategies. We have achieved an extremely high level of success with our clients, and the word is out. We are selective with the companies we will work with, and are looking to create a true partnership with every business we take one. We are not an SEO factory where we hire kids off of the street to handle your most precious business asset, your website. We are a small team dedicated to making our clients the top service provider in the local area.

Here Is The Criteria We Are Looking For:

1) You currently have an active and healthy DUI or Criminal Defense Practice. The services we provide are for attorneys that are up and running already, and want to take their practice to the next level. Hit Me SEO will not work with:

  1. Attorneys without an existing website
  2. DUI lawyers that expect results next week
  3. Start Up Practices

2) Your law practice should already have a steady stream of leads and customers. This means you are getting consistent traffic to your website, and your practice is turning those leads into business. You are currently running ads, promoting your company, and you are actively selling your services. It is not required that you are a household name, or the authority in your niche, but you must be currently Present in your market and receiving some traffic to your website.

3) You must have a good reputation in your industry. Everything we do together will not only be brining you more clients and increased revenue, but a significant amount of new visitors to your website. If your reputation is damaged, your conversions will suffer tremendously. We look to have DUI attorneys with a minimum rating of 8 on AVVO. That’s It! These are the only requirements that we have. If you meet the criteria above and would like to speak with us personally about getting incredible results for your DUI practice, then we will be happy to set aside time to speak with you. Here is how the process at Hit Me SEO works:

The Requirements Are Pretty Simple – These are the few items we require before taking the next step.

If you have read the above section, and would still like Hit Me SEO to consider working with your business, we are happy to hop on the phone and have a call with you about your business. Our process for speaking with you is simple. Fill out the form below, and allow us ample time to review your website, take a look at your off-page optimization and on-page optimization, and we will reach out to you to discuss our findings.  Generally speaking, we get back in touch within 24 to 48 hours. We work with a lot of attorneys, so we know early mornings and later in the day are usually the best times to discuss our findings.  The form we ask you to fill out is straightforward and unobtrusive. However, all of the information we request allows us to understand your practice in greater detail, and create an optimization strategy that will help you leap over your competitors and drive highly relevant and interested traffic to your website. After filling out the form, we usually spend about a half of an hour discussing what we have found. Don’t worry, if you need to make that meeting shorter, we can easily meet your request.

Maryland SEO Discovery Form

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