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Video Optimization For DUI Law Firms

If you are not using video to build rapport with your potential clients online, then you are losing out on thousands of dollars each and every month. Using videos on YouTube has numerous benefits for attorneys, yet nearly every single attorney site we review is doing it the wrong way. How well are you using video? Do you even have videos? Are videos part of your online marketing strategy?  Below are 10 reasons why you need to create videos for your practice immediately.

Your Clients Are Watching Videos Right Now

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. There are more than 4 billion video views every single day and 55% of people watch a video every day. We could probably stop our Top 10 List right here because these numbers say a lot. If you do not use videos, then you are missing out on a big audience.

Your Competition Is Using YouTube and Vimeo

Have you done a Google search in your area recently? How many videos are showing up on the front page of the search results? Usually only one video will show up in the top ten results. This is because Google has made it harder to rank videos since they convert so well. Google doesn’t want to lose out on the billions they make with PPC advertising, so they limit the number of videos on the search engine results page in order to keep clients using PPC for conversions. The one attorney in your market who is using video optimization is the one converting clients and making big profits. In order to capture those clients and make bigger profits, you need to get your videos out there.

Videography Builds Rapport

One of the biggest advantages of video is that it gives your audience the chance to meet you before you ever speak with them. They can see how well you speak, see your demeanor, and listen to how aggressively you can defend your clients. There is a reason that attorneys spend millions on television ads each year. The ability to introduce you to a potential DUI client, or a personal injury client is one of the best reasons to use video. Your videos can be selling your potential clients 24 hours a day, and it doesn’t require you to be in the office to speak with them.

Mobile Phones and Tablets Are Fast

The biggest limitation to video in the past has been the speed of mobile devices. Now with easily accessible WiFi and faster connection speeds, videos can stream to your phone extremely easily. People are watching videos on their morning commutes, at the gym, and while waiting in line at the doctors office. Your clients are watching videos on the way home from a drunk driving arrest or after being arrested for another crime as well as once they get home. Also, you cannot forget about your clients’ family members. If a man has been arrested for suspicion of DUI, his wife or another family member is probably researching the best DUI lawyers in the area. Why not allow these potential clients meet you through video?

Digital Broadcasting Evokes Emotion

Videos have the ability to bring out peoples’ emotions. An attorney talking about false readings with breathalyzers has the ability to strike a chord with a potential viewer, and get them thinking about why you are the best person to defend them. They may feel fear, shame, anxiety, stress, or guilt after being arrested. Your video can tap into these emotions, and help them feel a sense of relief, satisfaction, or understanding if they feel you are the right attorney to defend them in court.

Reach People In Real Time

If someone is searching for a DUI lawyer online, they are doing so for a reason. They probably just got arrested or their court date is coming up and your video will give them the information they need about you easily and quickly in a way that is easy for them to understand. If your videos show up in the search engines when people are looking for a solution to a problem, you have the ability to solve that problem right then and there. How? By calling you after the video and setting up a consultation. Address the problem, provide a solution to the problem, and sign the client. The first attorney that the potential client feels a personal connection with is going to get the phone call 90% of the time. You can make that connection before they even call you by making a great video.

You Can Create Easily Record With An Iphone, Desktop or Tablet

Do a search online for something that interests you. You will see videos that were made seven or more years ago. You can create a video one time, and have it seen over and over again for years to come. Once the video is made, live, and published online, it is going to stay there as long as you choose.  This would be considered an “evergreen” property, and will provide you with tremendous value for years to come.

Video Is About Selling And Converting

That $400 phone in your pocket or purse is a great video camera. Your computer also probably has a camera and the ability to make some quick, high quality videos as well. I am not saying you shouldn’t invest in some nice, professional videos for your practice, but with your computer and phone, you can do one video a day answering FAQ’s that will remain on your website and be found with web searches. Think about how helpful your videos would be to someone recently arrested for DUI if you explain the process, timeframes, costs and fines, potential penalties, etc. You not only build rapport but you also provide valuable information that can be used by your new potential client.

Online Video Optimization Builds Rankings In Google

According to Retail Touchpoints, shoppers who viewed video were 174% more likely to purchase than viewers who did not. Yes, you are not selling a product, but this also translates into purchasing services such as DUI Representation. The numbers don’t lie, video can help you sell better no matter what product or service you are selling.

If you have a video on your website, Google is going to reward you with higher rankings. Google’s goal is to get searchers onto the best page possible. If you have a video about DUI on your page with content about DUI, and images pertaining to DUI, Google clearly understands what your page is all about. Having a video also keeps people on your site longer, a clear signal to Google that your page is very relevant to the search they just performed. I want to make sure that I am making my point clearly, so I will give you an example. If I use Google to search for “Best DUI Attorney in Baltimore,” I am given a list of potential websites to optimization for attorneys

I will click on one of those sites, and start to read the information, or watch the video. If I “Bounce” from that site, (land on the page and immediately hit the back button) that tells Google I did not find what I was looking for. Therefore, Google is going to assume through its algorithm that the page they had supplied was not a very good one for that search. This will impact the page’s rankings in the future. On the other hand, if I go to a page, spend 5 minutes on it, visit other pages of the site, and ultimately don’t go back to the Google search page to do another search, I have found exactly what I am looking for, and Google is going to reward that particular website with higher rankings.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you with your online video efforts. If you would like to learn more about Hit Me SEO, and how we help DUI lawyers effectively use video optimization, please fill out the Discovery Form here. We will thoroughly analyze your website and videos, as well as your competition to see where your biggest opportunities lie.