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Social Media In Less Than 10 Minutes

Social Media is becoming more and more important for businesses to succeed online.  Although not many people will choose a DUI lawyer or Plastic Surgeon because of Facebook, the signals that these social properties send to Google can have a last impact on your overall rankings.  So how up-to-date is your social presence?  Yeah, we understand.  Just not enough hours in the day right.   Here we put together a few things you can do quickly and easily to get more out of your social media.


How To Start Your Social Media Campaign

In order to get the most out of your social media presence, you should post regularly to each of your accounts. Below is some information on what you should be posting on these different accounts as well as how often you should be posting to them.

YouTube: The only things you can post on YouTube are videos. You could post a promotional video for your company or you could post a video of you discussing some information about your industry. I would recommend adding a video to your YouTube Channel once every 2-4 weeks. Videos take a lot more time and effort than any of the other content that you will be posting, so it is okay to do a little less. That being said, videos provide you with a great way to guide traffic to your website, so you should definitely make sure to get some videos on your channel.

Google+: Every time you post a video to YouTube, you should share it on your Google+ page. You should also share your blog articles every time you share something on your blog. Aside from YouTube videos and blog articles, you can also post news articles about your company or about your industry. You can post someone on Google+ every 1-6 days. The more active you are, the better, but it is okay to have gaps in your activity.

Facebook: You can post anything that you would post to Google+ onto your Facebook page as well. You can also share your tweets and pretty much anything that is relevant to your company or industry. Keep in mind that pictures that are either humorous or appealing will typically get the most attention from your fans. In order to get people to like your page and interact with you, you should post to Facebook every 1-3 days.

Twitter: Twitter is a little different because you have a 140 character limit. You can use twitter to share links to blog posts, videos, or news articles. Twitter will shorten the link to allow you to say a little more about what the link is. Aside from links, you can tweet pictures and short facts. You can use hashtags as a way to get more people to notice your twitter page. For example, if you are sharing a short fact, then you could use #didyouknow to grasp the attention of some Twitter followers. You should post to twitter once or twice a day for best results.

Twitter was a big reason Hit Me SEO got so much publicity overnight.  We posted a quick blurb about a former MLB pitcher, and the next morning, our site was flooded with new traffic all from social media.  The Today Show, CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports, The New York Post, were just a few of the media outlets that learned about the story and went to the Hit Me SEO site to get more information.  Don’t underestimate the power of social media. You can read more about how to improve your social media presence here.

Too Busy To Post To Social Media?

If you do not want to post to your social media accounts on your own, or you do not think that you will be able to post regularly, then we would be more than happy to provide you with these services.  Fill out our online discovery form and a member of our team will be back in touch with 24 hours.

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