We have worked with Hit Me SEO for our online marketing for more than 5 years. The staff is very attentive to our needs and had a genuine interest in helping us grow as a company. I would highly recommend Hit Me SEO to any business looking to rank higher on Google and capture more relevant leads for their business.
The best decision we made for our business was hiring Hit Me SEO. They manage our blogs, social media, and Adwords with Google. Numbers don't lie! Traffic and conversions are up again this month. We get more leads from our website compared to all the other advertising we do combined. Thank you Tim and Ben for everything!

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Hit Me SEO took over our website and it was a mess. Before working with them, our website was just an online business card. We told people to go there, but nobody ever found us online. Tim Marose, the owner, told me when we first spoke that we were going to focus on ranking the site first, then work on making the site prettier. As he said, having the prettiest website on page 4 of Google does nothing, but even an ugly site on page 1 gets traffic. He was right! Our traffic has increased month after month and we are getting more calls than we ever have before. I wish I would have found you guys when we first started the company, it would have made things much easier. I highly recommend Hit Me SEO!
Hit Me SEO TestimonialJean Mortner
Hit Me Seo is without a doubt the top SEO company. Tim and Ben are very engaged with their customers and give a realistic plan for results. They communicate changes in the industry regularly. They updated our website to a mobile friendly site that we are proud of. They are extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Knowledge of these trends have assisted our company attain very high rankings, which without a doubt, has brought us more customers in a highly competitive industry. Hit Me Seo has assisted our internal marketing person increase our social media presence. Most importantly, they are nice guys and we enjoy working with them. Finally, they deliver their services as promised. Looking forward to our continued relationship. Thank you, Hit Me Seo.
Hit Me SEO TestimonialSteve Kerrigan
I am very happy with Hit Me SEO's work. They have improved my rankings for many key words relevant to my business and they have placed my business on Google Maps. Thank you, Tim and Ben, for helping Hahn's Old Fashioned Cake Co. to increase internet sales!
Hit Me SEO TestimonialAndrew Hahn
I've been using Hit Me SEO for only a few months now and the results have been phenomenal. I've jumped to the top of Google search in several keyword searches, and traffic to my website has skyrocketed! These guys are awesome!
Hit Me SEO TestimonialMichael Paesani
Hit Me SEO provides sincere customer service and their evaluation process is VERY thorough. This is very important to consider when evaluating SEO companies because not enough of them will try to understand what you have online before they begin to implement. Tim and his team at Hit Me comprehensively get to know your business and its online needs.
Hit Me SEO TestimonialShirine Hegazi
Tim's group at Hit Me SEO are excellent. We've had unbelievable success with their SEO work. We've had our client calls increase 300+% since using them. They know how to push up a website with white hat techniques - Google friendly behind the scenes work. They are also quick to respond to our questions and inquiries. Absolutely recommend Tim and his company. We plan to be long term clients.
Hit Me SEO TestimonialSteven L. Chung, Esquire
I have been a client of Hit Me SEO for over 6 years. I was a member of a networking group of which Tim was also a member. I was really impressed listening to him describe his practice. At the time I hired him - 6 years ago - my company had exactly one first place organic listing. Within three months Tim got us up to almost 400 first place organic listings and we have maintained those rankings month after month and year after year since then. They are immersed in the world of SEO and spend a lot of time keeping up with the almost daily changes happening in the field. Simply put Tim and Ben are the absolute best at what they do. There are a lot of people that will tell you they are experts and understand SEO but most don't - and believe me I went through many of those before meeting Tim. I can say with confidence that without the first class professional service from Tim and Ben and the resulting 400 first place rankings our company would probably not still be in business today. I highly recommend Hit Me SEO.
Hit Me SEO TestimonialAndy Stern
Hit Me SEO offers a variety of quality and efficient SEO and online marketing services. Tim Marose, President of Hit Me SEO, and his staff are absolutely wonderful. Tim and his staff have been very helpful in answering its client's questions and concerns dealing with SEO. Tim goes above and beyond for his clients and meets their every want and need in a timely manner. The Hit Me SEO staff is very knowledgeable in the field of SEO. Also, Tim and his staff approach SEO and other forms of online marketing in a different manner, which makes them unique. Hit Me SEO has successfully managed to get its clients to the top of the major search engines and bring about more traffic to its client's websites, as well. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable search engine optimization company to help you with your SEO needs, then Hit Me SEO is the perfect company for you and your business. I highly recommend Hit Me SEO and its services, if you want to help your business grow.
Hit Me SEO TestimonialCourtney Megaughey

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