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Thank You For Your Interest!

Your discovery form was just sent over to our team, and we will begin analyzing the data as soon as possible. Our data analysis usually takes anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on our current workload, and as you can see, Luna is manning the desks.

What happens next?

After we have received your discovery form, we begin to research your company, your company’s competitors, your website, any social properties, any rankings, any past SEO companies, and so on. Once we have compiled all of that information we determine if Hit Me SEO is a good fit for your business. We use all of the data we gathered to determine if Hit Me SEO can provide a high ROI with our services. If we find that our businesses are compatible we will reach out for  a meeting; however, if we decided that Hit Me SEO is not exactly what you need we will reach out to you with suggestions on where you might find the help you are looking for.

What kind of meeting?

Our initial meeting is focused on explaining what we found in our research, both the good and the bad. For example, if we found that your content had phenomenal keyword focus, but we noticed that your meta titles were lacking we would inform you of both of these facts.  After we have touched on some of the problem areas of your site we would explain some of the possible solutions. Finally, if all of this is amenable to you, we will provide you with a written proposal that details the services we will be providing as well as the deliverables involved.

Any more questions?

If you have any questions that we did not answer here be sure to reach out to us! We are available Monday-Friday from 9-5, call us at 240-477-7085