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Update on Submitting Site To Google

The day we published our post on submitting your site to Google, there was an update made by the search engine giant.  It is nothing crazy, but it is now even easier than before.  The guys at Search Engine Land broke it down in a bit more detail for you.

Google now lets you submit URLs to their index directly in the core Google search results page. All you need to do is search for [submit URL to Google], and Google will display a box at the top of the search results that enables you to submit a URL to Google’s index.

Here is what it looks like:

This mimics the functionality of the public submit URL form tool but places it directly as a smart interactive answer directly in the search results.

With this tool, you can submit any URL you want to the Google index. Google will then review and see if they want to index the URL and show it in their search results. Of course, submitting a URL to Google for inclusion in their search index does not mean (a) it will be included in the index, and (b) it will be shown in their rankings.


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