Employment lawyer seo case study

“Hit Me SEO helped clarify our target clients. Working with Ben was a pleasure. He demystified the SEO process and was patient with our many questions.”

Digital marketing for employment lawyers

In the heart of a city with a modest population of under 25,000, there exists a law firm that has been the beacon of hope and guidance for organizations, executives, and education professionals for over two decades. Their expertise in labor and employment law has made them a trusted name in the community.

However, like many businesses, they faced challenges in the digital realm. This is the story of their digital transformation journey with Hit Me SEO.

Over 14 months, Hit Me SEO undertook a series of strategic initiatives

Law Firm Profile: A Dual Perspective in Legal Representation

The law firm’s unique selling proposition lies in its dual representation model. They don’t just represent management; they also stand by individual clients. This dual approach has given them a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of employment law.

They are adept at navigating the complex waters of new business opportunities, challenges, and employment separations. With over 20 years of combined experience, their litigation team is a force to be reckoned with, defending and promoting clients’ rights across various legal platforms.

Discrimination lawyer lacking online presence

While their offline reputation was impeccable, their online presence left much to be desired. Their website, though functional, lacked the finesse and optimization required for top search engine rankings.

The content, while rich in information, wasn’t structured for online consumption. Moreover, their Google Business Profile was missing crucial details, which affected their visibility on map listings. Their primary source of online leads was pay-per-click advertising, but even that wasn’t optimized to its full potential.

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Workplace lawyer optimization and intervention

Recognizing the need for a digital overhaul, the firm turned to Hit Me SEO. The timing was challenging; the Covid pandemic had just hit, and the world of employment law was in turmoil. With employees transitioning to remote work, the legal landscape was evolving rapidly.

The firm’s requirements were clear: they wanted to target four different types of employment law, emphasizing their expertise in assisting both employers and employees in legal compliance post-termination.

Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is dollar for dollar one of the best conversion opportunities provided by Google. The account is free to set up and easy to create; however, very few people are taking advantage of the potential of this listing. Implementing continued updates and optimizations to their listing allowed for further growth, visibility, and conversions without ever having to pay Google.

An Online Marketing Transformation for our Employment Law Firm

Over 14 months, Hit Me SEO undertook a series of strategic initiatives:

  1. Website Restructuring: The website underwent a complete makeover in March 2023. The new design was not only user-friendly but also optimized for search engines. This restructuring led to a significant increase in user engagement metrics, with new users increasing by over 200%.
  2. Content Revamp: Recognizing the power of content marketing, Hit Me SEO’s team crafted or revised 79 pages of content, including over 40 blogs. The content was tailored to answer potential clients’ questions, with a focus on user intent. The top 5 blog posts alone contributed to over 50% of the organic growth.
  3. SEO Strategy: With a focus on on-page optimization, the team incorporated LSI keywords related to “employment lawyers,” “employment rights,” and “workplace dispute attorney.” This strategy aimed to capture a broader audience searching for these terms or terms related to these inquiries.
  4. Google My Business Optimization: Post-April 2023, the Google Business Profile saw a surge in interactions and calls, a testament to the optimization efforts.

Employment Attorney Challenges and Triumphs

One of the significant challenges was creating content that catered to both employers and employees. The content had to be informative yet easy to understand. The team spent countless hours researching and crafting content that struck the right balance.

Another challenge was keyword optimization. The goal was to find keywords that resonated with the target audience and had a high conversion potential. With meticulous research and testing, the team identified and incorporated keywords that drove organic growth.

Employment Lawyer’s Feedback and Engagement

The law firm was actively involved in the transformation process and content creation process. They collaborated closely with Hit Me SEO, especially with Ben and Pam.

Ben became their go-to person for all things SEO, including layouts, conversion rate optimization, data analysis, video optimization, and implementation, publishing content, creating a user-friendly and Google-friendly layout with the redesign, and in one instance, responsible for removing malicious code that was installed on the website.

Pam worked closely with the firm on topics that would become popular posts online, including research, layout, editing, and, in many cases, writing. Pam helped explain and educate the law firm on a specific style of writing that not only was easily digestible by the clients but also written in a way that captured many of the coveted #1 spots on the Google search results page.

The firm appreciated the transparency and dedication shown by the Hit Me SEO team. Their testimonial speaks volumes about the partnership: “Hit Me SEO helped clarify our target clients. Working with Ben was a pleasure. He demystified the SEO process and was patient with our many questions.”

The Impact: A Digital Marketing Success Story

The results were nothing short of spectacular.

Achievements Highlights:

Organic Traffic Boost:

287% increase in organic traffic within a year.
New user engagement rose by 202.5%.
Contact form submissions surged by 128.76%.
After the website’s March 2023 redesign, there was a 97.38% increase in users and a 91.38% rise in sessions.

Google My Business Mastery:

2140 interactions recorded from April 2023.
633 calls received during the same time frame.

Content Strategy Excellence:

Creation of 79 pages of content, inclusive of over 40 blogs.
The top 5 blog posts drove over 50% of the year’s organic growth.

Digital marketing for employment law firms

Hit Me SEO’s partnership with the law firm is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing for employment law firms.

By understanding the client’s needs, leveraging content marketing, and implementing robust SEO strategies, Hit Me SEO transformed the firm’s online presence, setting them on a path of sustained digital success.

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