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Digital marketing is constantly evolving and growing and Hit Me SEO changes with it. These offerings represent the core concepts of internet marketing but don’t explain the methods. If you are curious about how we do what we do, please do not hesitate to give our office a call. We would be happy to explain our process and how we can help your business.

Internet marketing has taken several forms over the last decade, molding and transforming along with the digital age. We use our years of knowledge and expertise to address the most important issues on any given website.

Google is unlike any other company in terms of updates and changes. It is common to see fluctuations in rankings and traffic from week to week and is even more common for websites to fall under the umbrella of a Panda, Penguin, or suppression penalty. 

The way a website is structured in terms of dropdown menus, internal linking, or how the business is listed on Google Business Profile all play a role in how well the site ranks.

Understanding what Google is looking for and optimizing around those guidelines is what we do day in and day out at Hit Me SEO. Whether a site has a Google Penalty or is just starting, utilizing the variety of services above is the fastest way to get your website a prominent place on the front page of the search engines.

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