Wired Up Electric Case Study

Hit Me SEO has helped Wired Up Electric LLC create brand recognition, increase website traffic and calls through SEO, website improvements, and Google Maps Optimization

About Wired Up Electric

Wired Up Electric LLC is a master electrician serving Maryland with swift responses and transparent pricing. We prioritize service, professionalism, and respect in every job. Day or night, rain or shine, rely on Wired Up Electric for dependable, honest electrical work backed by over 20 years of experience and a one-year guarantee. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond words, with 24/7 availability and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Client: Wired Up Electric LLC

Industry: Electrician

Bio: Wired Up Electric is a Montgomery County electrician serving the Maryland area.

Project Summary

Wired Up Electric, a start-up company, with a handful of clients based out of Olney, MD, has transformed from doing side jobs to a full-time business serving the Maryland area with our strategic digital marketing expertise.

Initially dealing with zero brand recognition and low online visibility, our mission was to highlight the company’s 20 years of experience in the industry. We set out to significantly increase qualified leads and improve their website conversion rates.

Deploying a multi-city local SEO strategy, we significantly improved Wired Up Electric’s online visibility, first in Olney by achieving top keyword rankings, then throughout Montgomery County, Maryland.

This strategic approach dramatically increased their appointments and sales, highlighting the effectiveness of targeted digital marketing in creating the electrician’s success.

Before engaging with Hit Me SEO, Wired Up Electric’s marketing efforts relied on word of mouth, a one-page website, Facebook, and Google Business Profile, which did not yield the desired results, leading to few leads. They struggled with low call volume, sparse Google rankings, and not being found in the map pack.

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Digital Marketing Services Employed

Hit Me SEO implemented various digital marketing services. We created a digital marketing strategy to help Wired Up Electric LLC expand its business through brand recognition, local SEO optimizations, website improvements, and Google Business Profile optimization.

Results achieved

Marketing Strategy

Objective: Create an effective marketing strategy and plan for the year to garner leads and visibility.

Approach: Wired Up Electric required a marketing strategy. The initial step involved conducting thorough research and auditing their existing marketing efforts. This process was essential to develop a clear, forward-looking strategy and roadmap designed to improve lead generation rates.

Hit Me SEO’s Marketing Strategy

Hit Me SEO created a targeted local SEO strategy starting with website structure and optimization, as well as optimizing their Google Business Profile for Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.  We worked closely with the client to identify the most profitable keywords that aligned with their services.

Service content was created to target profitable keywords and services.

Search Engine Optimization

We worked with Wired Up Electric to identify and prioritize dozens of search engine optimization changes to improve the overall conversion rate.

Objective: Brand recognition and online visibility.

Approach: Hit Me SEO conducted extensive keyword research, identifying high-value keywords related to the electrical industry and services. We also researched competitors in the target area and assessed the effort required to rank for each service. We prioritized the key services based on the greatest ROI.

  • Target clients specifically looking for Wired Up Electric’s services in Maryland.

  • Create targeted service page content articles to get the service pages to rank highly on Google.
  • Implement technical SEO enhancements. We redesigned the one-page website to promote the client’s experience and service offerings.

  • Google Business Profile optimization to comply with Google’s Best Practices, while providing relevancy within our targeted markets. 

Website Strategy & Optimization

We conducted a thorough audit of Wired Up Electric’s website, identifying critical improvement areas. Each area was assessed based on potential impact, importance, and ease of implementation. We focused on changes that promised a high impact on the existing website conversion rate and were straightforward to execute.

Hit Me SEO efficiently resolved these issues, enhancing the website’s effectiveness and user experience, thereby driving better client engagement and business outcomes.

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