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Plastic Surgeon Digital Marketing and Advertising

Having a great looking plastic surgery website does you very little if there are not enough qualified visitors to your site. Our goal with each plastic surgeon is to focus on the areas of practice that produce the highest revenue and drive relevant traffic that is ready to convert to paying clients.

Before we discuss any strategy, it is important to share real results. Many companies claim to be experts at driving organic traffic and increased sales, but we have actual proof. We have been working with one particular plastic surgeon for the last four years. In SEO, it seems many clients want to know what we are doing now, or in the past few weeks. Here is what was reported to our plastic surgeon on April 8th of this year:

“Since January 1st, you have had 20,034 visitors to your website.

        • 12,543 Organic Visitors
        • 396 Contact forms were filled out online
        • 223 contact forms filled out from Organic visitors
        • Average time on site: 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds

search engine optimization results for plastic surgeon

The Stats That Just Blew Everyone Away

The most stunning statistic that is not shown in the information above is that this does not include any phone calls the practice has received in that time frame. We see that for every email or contact form filled out online, our clients receive 3 to 5 times the amount of phone calls.

Based on the information above, our plastic surgeon received roughly between 1188 to 1980 telephone calls from new, prospective clients in the first three months of the year. Even if we get conservative with this number, and use a one-to-one ratio, that is another 396 prospective clients calling in to inquire about some form of plastic surgery.

What would happen to your practice if you received 396 contact forms filled out, and another 396 phone calls in the first three months of 2016? Would you be able to sell any more of your services?

A Complete Online Marketing Package For Cosmetic Surgeons

The visitors tell one story about this particular practice and the success they have achieved so far in 2016. Driving relevant traffic and new customers are critical to the success of every business we work with. However, what is often missed is the conversion of these visitors to clients.

Optimizing your conversion rate is the second part of the equation that cannot be overlooked. If you drive 1000 visitors per month to your website, but only receive 1 or 2 phone calls, or a few emails, your website is not set up to convert. You are losing the interest of your potential clients, and they are going elsewhere to find a more reputable doctor or one that simply made them feel more comfortable when they landed on the website for the first time.

Part of our process is measuring how visitors interact with your website. What pages are they visiting? How long are they spending on each of the pages? What pages convince them to make a buying decision? The buying decision is, simply, they choose to reach out to you to schedule a consultation or they hit the back button and look for another plastic surgeon. Chances are, if they are researching a procedure, they are going to move forward with that procedure some time in the future. How memorable will your website be when they are ready to act? That is something most plastic surgeons miss when designing and laying out the website.

Plastic Surgeons Have So Much To Gain With The Proper SEO Strategies

We have had success in a variety of areas with optimization over the years. Plastic surgeons are a great area for us to focus our efforts because each procedure is profitable to the practice. We take the time to find out what areas of expertise you would like to focus your online efforts and promote those areas heavily. If your practice focuses on breast augmentation, liposuction, vein treatments, laser hair removal, or any other area, we can optimize for Google to drive those relevant potential clients to your site. From there, our goal is simply to convert them to paying clients.

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, we encourage you to fill out the Discovery form on our website. This gives us an idea of what is most important to your business, and the areas we need to focus our optimization efforts. After receiving your form, we will spend several hours researching your website, as well as your biggest competitors to determine our plan of action. No two websites are the same, and our strategies differ from client to client.

Long Term Grow For Your Practice Or Medical Spa

Finally, we are not interested in working with plastic surgeons for a few months. Our goal has always been to create long-term relationships with our clients that provide value to both sides. We increase relevant traffic to your website and help those clients convert on a regular basis, and continue to improve month after month. On our end, we are compensated well for the great work that we provide.

We schedule monthly calls with our clients to discuss the performance, results, and on-going strategies in place, and keep you informed of our work. We don’t disclose all of our secrets, but we do ensure our clients are aware that we are working hard to provide the best possible results. You will always be able to get a live person on the phone during business hours, and we handle requests within 24 hours. If we keep our clients happy today, we know they will be clients tomorrow.

Take a moment to fill out our Discovery form now, and we will let you know exactly how we will improve your practice and start generating more calls within the next few months.  You will love what Hit Me SEO can do for you. We look forward to speaking with you.