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Yes, you read that headline correctly. The smallest mistake in setting up your Google AdWords account can have you paying up to 233% more than other DUI lawyers in your market, for the same exact keyword you are targeting. Do you know what your average cost-per-click is with AdWords? Depending on the competition in your market, you may be paying $35 per click. Maybe you’re in a more competitive market and are paying $55 per click, $75 per click, or even $125 per click. The Phoenix DUI market commands close to $300 per click. And we’re only talking about clicks here!

The crazy thing about all of these prices is that most DUI Lawyers trust Google implicitly and think they are set in stone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most DUI Attorneys we speak to simply don’t realize that by properly optimizing your Adwords account you can pay significantly less than your competition and dramatically increase your return on investment. We have spoken to hundreds of DUI attorneys, and the most common complaint among them is that “Pay-Per-Click is too expensive.” What if you were getting a return on investment of 3 to 1? 5 to 1? Would you like to get a 10 to 1 ROI? Let us show you how.

How Do I Decrease My Cost-Per-Click?

Understanding how Google determines what you pay, will ultimately provide you with a much higher ROI when it comes to PPC advertising. There is no question that this form of advertising works, but it needs to be done correctly. A PPC campaign setup without much forethought and management is no different than throwing money out your window. It’s a waste! Unfortunately this is something we see all the time. Keywords need to be extensively researched to determine which are the most effective. Your geographic region needs to be setup properly so your ads are only showing in the market you are interested in capturing. The headlines of your ads need to be compelling enough to make people actually click on them. In fact, if your headlines are poor and rarely get clicked, Google will charge you more per click than a competitor (targeting the same keywords) whose headlines get clicked more often.

So not only are good headlines imperative to enticing visitors, they affect your budget’s bottom line. All in all, there are 12 factors that go into the price you pay for each click with Google Adwords. Miss out on one factor, and you may pay 33% more than the average. Miss out on 2 or 3 factors, expect to pay about 75% more than what is required. Miss more than 3? Expect to pay up to 233% more for each click to your website. You may be well trained in Forensic Chromatography, but how well are you trained in pay-per-click advertising? Improving all of these factors helps reduce your cost-per-click and your click-through-rate, but what happens once the visitor is on your site?

What happens once they make it to your site?

Setting up a quality campaign with geo-targeted ads, compelling headlines and extensively researched keywords is a big hurdle, but it’s not the entire equation. Once you’ve convinced them to click, you must also make sure that the page they land on is delivering what you advertised. For example, say you are searching Google for a DUI attorney in Baltimore, MD and you see an ad that reads “Best DUI Attorney in Baltimore, MD.” You click on that ad but then you are directed to a page discussing contract law. Wouldn’t you be confused? Odds are you would leave soon after without clicking any other pages. This is referred to as a “bounce.” The scenario mentioned above is not only not going to convert but it’s also going to affect your cost-per-click. Much the same as a poor click-through-rate increases how much you pay, a poor bounce-rate also increases how much you pay for each click.

Quality Score

If you are familiar with Google Adwords, you may have heard the phrase “Quality Score.” This is the score that Google uses to determine how well your campaigns are set up. It takes into account all of the factors mentioned so far. Google does not make this score easy to find and it is a big reason why Attorneys pay more money than necessary with their SEM campaigns. Improving the quality score for EVERY SEARCH PHRASE is how you save a ton of money with Adwords and improve the rate at which clicks turn into clients.

Return on Investment

Let’s do a little math. Based on conversations with our current DUI clients, we are going to make the assumption that an average DUI client brings in around $2,000 to your practice. Let’s also assume that an average cost-per-click is $40. With a budget of $1,000 per month, you will have 25 clicks. Of those 25 clicks, it is likely that about half of them will be from competitors purposefully blowing through your budget. With an amateur campaign, the other half of those clicks might come from poorly targeted visitors who may not even be looking for your services. At that point you’ve lost $1,000 right down the drain.

But what if your campaign were more targeted? What if the headlines were more compelling and attracted actual, qualified, potential clients? If just one of those clicks turns into a client, you’d have a 2 to 1 ROI. Not bad, but not great either. What if your cost-per-click were cut in half? You’d then have 50 clicks per month in your budget. If the conversion rate stayed the same, that would mean your campaign brought in 2 new clients, for a total of $4,000 to your business, or a 4 to 1 ROI. A good PPC requires constant iteration. By tweaking the process over and over each month, improving quality score, removing negative keywords, and tracking the actions of every visitor to your website, you will have a campaign that is spitting out new DUI clients each and every day.

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