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Your DUI Website Is Failing You

Wow! This is a pretty bold statement right out of the gate. We haven’t even had a chance to get to know one another yet, and already we may be insulting you. How can we make such a bold prediction so fast? We know how most DUI attorney sites are structured, and the vast majorities miss many key components vital to high rankings. More on that in a bit…

You may love your website. The images, the videos, the great awards and accolades. They are all very impressive, but they are not creating that rapport and connection with your client that you need in order to convert.

Are you speaking directly to your potential client? Do you have their mindset when you are writing the content on each page? Maybe you just approved the content written by your current SEO Company? Most attorneys go on about how hard they fight, how they are considered a Pit-bull in the courtroom, the high AVVO rating, blah, blah, blah.   You have to speak to your target audience in a way they understand, allowing you to create a connection. Your new clients are scared, and want to know what is going to happen next. They want YOU to help solve their problem. That is why they landed on your website to begin with.

I Want To Rank #1

Who doesn’t? That is likely your goal when looking for SEO for DUI attorneys, but you want to be sure to choose the right keywords. The right keywords are those with “intent” to hire you.   The search phrase “hire a dui attorney” has a much higher conversion percentage than “scram bracelet”. It is crucial for you to find keywords that have a high search volume, as well as the right user intent.   You must dedicate a large portion of your time to keyword research as a DUI lawyer.

“I cannot say enough about Tim, Hit Me SEO, or their entire staff there. I highly, highly recommend them.”

– Nate Dineen

You Get What You Pay For

Before we go any further, you need to understand that hiring a company to manage all of your online marketing for your law practice is not going to be cheap. Attorneys pay a lot of money on Google because there is a high demand for your clients.   Competition is off the charts, and the attorney down the street wants to be beat you. No, I am not overstating this.   Every single drunk driving attorney we have ever worked with wants to be the best, make more money than their competitor, and is obsessive about checking rankings to see how they are doing versus the other guy down the street.   Hiring a firm for $500 a month is going to get you nothing more than a penalty a few months down the road.

Google charges an arm and a leg for PPC. Obviously, there are many ways to reduce what you spend on PPC, but don’t expect to pick up traffic for $10 a click. What you can focus on is driving the best traffic with your Adwords campaign, and spending more money on clients that convert, and less money on those that don’t. Analyzing data with Google Analytics will help you reduce your monthly spend on PPC every month.  Do you currently do that? Back to that in just a sec…

You Deserve Exceptional Service

If you have to call a friend of yours three times before they finally call you back, you are going to be pissed upset to say the least. Why is this the case with your SEO Company? Customer service is not something you should surprised to receive. Isn’t is sad that you are now blown away when somebody returns an email promptly, or returns a phone call within a few minutes? You should expect this type of service, and you deserve to receive it from your SEO Agency.

Does Any Of This Sound Like YOU?

      • You are frustrated with your current SEO company
      • You are paying too much for less than spectacular results
      • Your competition is kicking your A$$
      • The return on your investment is next to nothing
      • You feel you have been left in the dark about all things related to online marketing

Great! Now That We Have Your Attention

Getting great results, great service, and a high ROI on your investment should be expected from your current SEO Company. You deserve to be kept up to date of all changes made to your website, and at a minimum, the strategies in place to get you to the top of Google. You should see your website on the front pages of the search engines, and if your not, you should be informed why. Monthly meetings should be mandatory.

Now What Do You Do?

Ok, so now that we are on the same page, we have a solution we know you will like. Remember up top ^^^ when we said we know how a website needs to be structure, it is vital. You want to take your new clients from the home page to the contact page the every single time. You want to give your potential drunk driving clients answers to their most common questions, and connect with them every step of the way.

After you create your funnel that you want the visitor to take, you then want to review the steps each visitor takes.   If you want to get someone from point A to >>>>> Point B, you need to direct them.   You do this with content, internal links, callouts, and a number of other things your last SEO Firm failed to mention. Why didn’t they tell you? Because they don’t know how to do it! You deserve better.

We invite you to check out some of the DUI marketing services we offer above in the right hand section. You will learn about the impact of Google Places, Social Media, PPC, and website conversions. You will learn how to connect with your visitors, and help lead them down the road to your contact page.   Or, better yet……

We Can Do All Of Your DUI Online Marketing

We hope you are focused on practicing law, and trying to create a better practice and lifestyle. It took you years to complete law school, why in the world do you want to manage your own search engine optimization? Let us do it for you. We know what your clients are looking for, and how to increase traffic as well as conversions. Fill out the discovery form above and we will dig into your website, as well as your competitors to determine the best strategy to dominate your market. Fill out the form now and we will be in touch as soon as we complete our research.

PS – Make sure you re-read paragraph 3 before you fill out the discovery form. Now read the content on your website………

“Hit Me SEO turned my business around.”

– Michael Bruckheim

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