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Building a social media strategy for your business is very important because it can significantly help you learn what other people in your business industry are saying and doing, as well as what your potential customers like, dislike and need. Different social media marketing plans and strategies that involve gaining more followers or that increase customer engagement through attractive and unique content may significantly contribute to the success and growth of your business. When it comes to search engine optimization, you certainly know that your strategy cannot be fully effective without well-executed content. So, that’s where social media marketing comes in – social media and Google search engine optimization services go perfectly together! Read on to learn why social media is relevant to your business and how to better promote your content across different social media channels.

What is Social Media Marketing Really About?

Since its development, social media has played a vital role in how people interact with each other, and when it comes to business, social media contribute to how companies communicate with potential customers. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for every business to reach out to their audiences, gain more potential customers and build their trust. Many people believe that social media has the same value as other types of non-conventional advertisement (such as TV commercials) but without all the hefty costs. However, social media marketing is not about saving money, but about reaching a large number of people quickly and efficiently.

SEO experts always point out how trust in brand is a universal constant, meaning no matter how much technology change or evolve over the years, customers will stay loyal to the name they had trust in. Through carefully planned social media marketing strategies, you are able to cultivate that trust on a more personal level. Never forget that social media is the only platform that allows you to easily and quickly interact with all your consumers. Only by interacting with your customers and building their trust, you will be able to build a strong online identity and reputation.

Are you wondering why it is so important to have an online reputation? Because more than ¾ of shoppers all around the US always research a company online and read their reviews before making a purchase. No one uses the phone book anymore because a phone number doesn’t tell you anything about a company you’re interested in. No one wants to look at newspapers ads or TV ads because they offer only a limited source of information. However, searching online provides you almost an unlimited source of information, both good and bad. Therefore, a company can impact their customers the most online. It is not unusual that customer reviews and social engagement play a significant role in someone’s decision to hire a certain company or professional, as well as to buy a certain product.

Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategies

Approximately one in every five people on the planet uses social media to connect with their friends and family. Reports show that Facebook currently has more than one billion active users. More than 100 million people use Instagram every day, while more than 317 million people use Twitter at least once a month. When you take into consideration the number of people that only use Facebook, you can begin to understand why social media is so important for the growth of your business.

Now, start thinking how many traffic you can draw through social media. Each post that is shared or interacted with on social media has the potential to drive traffic to your website. There is no need to use ad-sharing networks when you can advertise your business, services, and products through more productive and engaging platforms. You can significantly solidify your online identity through a social profile, and social profiles also play a major role in exposure on search engines such as Google. Your social profile can also appear in the search results when consumers are looking for certain brands, services or products. Content is regularly crawled by search engines, meaning that if you develop a strong social presence, you can also improve your rankings on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Social Media Sites Develop Their Own Search Engine Algorithms

As you are aware, social media platforms have gained immense popularity over a couple of past years. Since Facebook handles more than two billion searches every day, the company got the idea of developing their own search engine algorithms and started tuning their search results. Social media are a continuously growing database, meaning you have to put in a lot of effort to build your online visibility and presence. However, if you manage to pull through, you will get rewarding and long lasting results, starting from gaining more consumers and increasing sales to establishing a recognizable brand and building trust.

Quick Social Media Marketing Tips for the Future

With the right tips, it is not that hard to tune your social media strategies for the future. Start by making an active profile on every major social channel. If one person can have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube channel, your company can have one of these profiles as well.  At Hit Me SEO, we have both business profiles as well as profiles for the owner Tim Marose.  Don’t center your attention on just one social media platform. Of course, it is best to use a certain social media platform the right way to maximize your online presence. For example, online services providers won’t have many benefits from Pinterest as a restaurant would. If you want to succeed, it is crucial to find a platform that will fit well the nature of your business.

Instead of creating viral or click-bait content, create engaging material that really has some meaning. Quality and informative content is a better way to attract customers to hire a company or buy from a business than to try forcing out a message. Also, your content shouldn’t look like a typical, boring ad, but more like a pleasant conversation. Interact with your fans and followers, and use receptive language to build strong ties and build brand loyalty.

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