Creating Content Your Customers Want

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Creating Content Your Customers Want

You know you need to blog more, but you can never figure out what to write about and suffer from writers block when you do finally come up with an idea. We suffered from this same problem, and we are implementing a test within our company to continue to blog on a daily basis.  Some blogs will be long, others will be short and to the point, and some are just going to be goofy and fun.  The key is to make sure we are publishing information frequently.  We wanted to give you a few ideas on how to publish great content.

Answer The Questions Your Customers Ask You Most Often

If you are in the sales or service industry, what is your typical response to the question….”How much does it cost for your services?” As a business owner, there are probably a list of 10 questions that you answer all of the time. You have probably received those questions so often that you have started training your staff on how to respond to those questions. You may have gone a step further and created a FAQ section on your website addressing all of these issues, or created an email auto-responder that you use when people ask the same question over an over again.  Guess what, that should be the first post you do today, not tomorrow, right now.  What, you have something more important to do than get new customers browsing your website searching for what you have to offer?  Take your top question and write a post on it.  You do this for all of your questions and you have 5, 10, 20 pages of new engaging content on your site.

Use The Web To Your Advantage for Content Creation

Click about 3 buttons and you have information and ideas on what to write about.  Do a Google search and simply put FAQ at the end or beginning of your search. So if you own a business that caters to hair loss, do a Google search for “hair loss FAQ”.

Here you have a list of FAQ’s that your competitors answer for you.  You could go through these websites and come up with a list of important questions you may not even thought about.  Don’t copy the content and put it on your site. Write out the questions and give your response, in your own words to the question. That is super easy and your competitors are giving you the ideas to write about.

Suggested Search Offers A Plethora Of Ideas

Have you ever noticed that as you are filling out your search query in Google, it is already filling out the phrase for you? Google’s algorithm is designed to provide the most popular searches through auto population.  In the search for hair loss FAQ, this is the dropdown that appeared for me.

If Google is telling you in the search bar that other people are tying in these phrases, that means they are highly searched and are keywords you should be targeting on your website.  Do you think an article targeting hair loss for women on your blog could possibly attract a client or two that wants to know how you provide hair restoration for women? You starting to see where this is going?

Use Related Searches to Your Advantage

Have you ever gone to the bottom of a Google search page and noticed the searches related to what you are looking for? Google wants to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and is going to give you ideas that relate to your search.  If you were to keep with the hair loss FAQ, you will see a few ideas on new topics to write about.  In this example, I see that Bosley has done a great job of capturing the related searches.  You know why, because they answer these questions on their website.  I clicked on the Bosley hair locations and this is the page I found.  Do you see how the URL string matches what is in the search? Coincidence?  Nope.  Bosley does a great job providing Google exactly what it is looking for, and is going to show up more often than any other company.


Websites You Can Use To Help You Find More Useful Ideas

Let me give you a few more ideas on where to go to come up with more ideas and topics for you to write about on your blog.  You can use the information above to come up with 30 to 50 ideas, but there are other websites that can provide you with great information. Here are three websites we use at Hit Me SEO to come up with ideas for content creation on our clients sites.  We don’t endorse or have any affiliation with any of these sites. We just like them for ease of use and quick content ideas.

Answer The Public – the guy on the front freaks us out a little bit, but, you can see what questions people are asking related to your search.  Type in “hair loss” into the search bar, and you will see 149 different questions people ask about this topic.  Bang, a goldmine of useful questions you can use in your blog writing.  Need more ideas, just change what you are searching for.

Yahoo Answers – you have probably used this site in the past when you were trying to find the answer to a particular problem.  Although Google has gotten pretty damn good at figuring out what you are thinking, this site is more of a forum where people ask questions most related to their problem.  Go into your niche and start looking at the questions people are having a hard time getting answers to. The added benefit is they may click on your link and visit your site and work with you. You will need to have an account to log into Yahoo answers, but it doesn’t cost you anything.

Alltop – this is one of the newer sites we have been using to come up with the latest and greatest related to an industry. We use this in conjunction with other trending tools offered by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  We look for information what is relatively new, and see where we can be one of the firsts to write about it online.  Writing great content on a new topic can surely help you get new visitors and eyeballs on your site.

I hope we have been able to provide you with some good ideas on coming up with content for your existing website.  We would love to connect with you online.  If you found any of this information helpful, like our Hit Me SEO Facebook page so you are sure to get our hottest content the minute it is published.  It will surely help you take your website to another level.

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