Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Website Optimization Test

//Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Website Optimization Test

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Website Optimization Test

Do you often scratch your head in wonderment when attempting to come up with a strategy to improve your online marketing efforts?  You have a website, which is a great start, but don’t know why you aren’t garnering new business from it?  Simply put, it’s not enough to just have a site up, especially if potential clients won’t ever find it.  So how do you get your website found? The answer, and forgive me if it seems obvious to some, is to increase your rankings on search engines.  Studies show that nearly 80% of people never go past page 1 on Google, and 65% of those people only ever click on the first 3 (organic) listings!  Major take away tip for you: improve your site’s page listing. Today.

Omitting The Technical Side Of Optimization Is Not Easy

Let me say that getting higher organic rankings is not as technical or expensive as it may initially sound. Organic SEO is an essential ingredient in the recipe for online success. There is no other way around it. The internet is an extremely competitive marketing tool for countless businesses. If you don’t have SEO in your arsenal, then your brand is going to get lost in the endless results and no one will find you, regardless of how superior your products/services are. It’s not all doom and gloom though because with a great SEO company standing behind you, working behind the scenes to propel those rankings, your business will easily be found by potential clients searching for exactly what you offer/provide. The exposure that SEO brings is critical to helping you become a competitive player in the digital world.

Now before you run out and hire the first, or cheapest, SEO company you can find, I suggest educating yourself.  After all, knowledge is power.  Do your research about the company, find out everything you can about them and formulate a list of questions to ask. But perhaps even more important than that, doing a little research on your website too.  At the very least, you should conduct a website optimization test prior to contacting an SEO firm, like Hit Me SEO, so you can have an idea of where your site stands.

A website optimization test will give you an idea of how your site is currently doing, will help you boost the value of the website(s) that you already have, and prevent SEO companies from pulling the wool over your eyes.  We all know that more traffic means more customers and more revenue. By knowing your site’s score you will be much better prepared in your efforts to attract traffic and have an understanding of where you should start.  Furthermore, website optimization testing is key to understanding which and how much SEO is required.  Site testing will also help you to bolster those great rankings long term since it relays vital information pertaining to how the search engines view you.

All you have to do is  click here , and follow the easy instructions on our user-friendly (technically challenged approved) website to get your website optimization score today. You must test your site(s) to ensure you’re reaping maximum benefits from your pages.  Should you discover you’re not getting as much as you could,  you now have an educated and informed starting point to determine which solutions would best benefit your company’s marketing strategies. We provide a better, more comprehensive site test program than Google’s version that only gives you selective information, plus…. it’s free!

Hit Me SEO is a truly unique and cutting edge SEO company providing cutting edge and effective digital media strategies.  No hype, no gimmicks, no ruses.  We are a full service business that is simply good at what we do. Leaders in SEO, site optimization, link building, Google My Business maps listings and more.  As a result, we have expanded our offerings to include, but not limited to: social media management, blog writing, Pay Per Click management efforts and video production services that compliment any website.  Our training has enabled us to procure and then maintain premier rankings for more than 8,000 people and counting. Our cutting-edge and innovative techniques allow us to meet our clients needs. To us, nothing is more important.

There’s only way to find out how your website is currently fairing online. Discover if your site(s) is failing or exceeding your expectations, objectives, goals and needs. Today is the time, don’t delay any longer. Uncover what opportunities are waiting for you. Who knows what untapped benefits could be waiting for you?

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