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Thank You For Filling Out

We are very thankful that you have taken time to fill out our form. We hope we are able to provide you with valuable insight into what is helping you rank on Google, and what has been holding you back.  As you are aware, higher rankings on the major search engines are going to allow you to introduce your brand and your company to new potential clients, and begin the process of converting website visitors into paying clients.

Many of our clients are amazed at the amount of work we put into our research, and the steps we take to find the keywords that are going to create such a higher return on investment.  If you would like us to review your website in more detail, and provide an even more comprehensive analysis of your site, I ask you to watch this video, then fill out the Discovery Form below if you would have an interest in speaking with us further.

Before you fill out our form, please take a few minutes to learn about Hit Me SEO 

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Maryland SEO Discovery Form

Hit Me SEO Does Not Provide Service to Every Business

We would love to help every business in the United States, but we simply cannot help everyone. At Hit Me SEO, we are contacted daily by prospective clients as well as other SEO agencies looking to implement some of our most effective online marketing strategies. We have achieved an extremely high level of success with our clients, and the word is out. We are selective with the companies we will work with, and are looking to create a true partnership with every business we take one. We are not an SEO factory where we hire kids off of the street to handle your most precious business asset, your website. We are a small team dedicated to making our clients the top service provider in the local area.

The Criteria That We Examine Before Working With A New Client:

1) You have been in business for at least a short period of time, and your business is relatively prosperous and are looking to grow. We are looking to partner with companies ready to increase the amount of leads they receive on a daily basis, and are looking to convert those leads into paying clients.. Hit Me SEO WILL NOT WORK WITH:

  1. Get Rich Quick Schemes Or New Businesses Trying to Make a Quick Buck
  2. Anything related to “Adult-Themed” Websites
  3. Start Up Companies – You must be in business a minimum of 6 months

2) We are looking to work with businesses that have some sort of lead flow and sales process. This means you are getting consistent traffic to your website, and your business is already turning those leads into business. You are currently running ads, promoting your company, and you are actively selling your services. It is not required that you are a household name, or the authority in your niche, but you must be currently Present in your market.

3) You must have a solid product or service, and a good reputation in your industry. Everything we do together will not only be brining you more sales and increased revenue, but we will also be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market.

It is Pretty Simple – These are the few items we require before taking on a new client.

If you have read the above section, and would still like Hit Me SEO to consider working with your business, we are happy to hop on the phone and have a call with you about your business. Our process for speaking with you is simple. Fill out the form below, and allow us ample time to review your website, take a look at your on-page and off-page optimization, and we will reach out to you to discuss our findings.  Generally speaking, we get back in touch within 24 to 48 hours. We enjoy weekends and spend time with our family and friends, so if you fill this out on Friday, we likely will not be back in touch until Monday afternoon.  The form we ask you to fill out is straightforward and unobtrusive. However, the information is vital to us understanding your goals, what steps you have taken to generate leads in the past, and we can look into your niche by researching your competition.  This form allows us to prepare for our 45 minute conversation and provide you with value from the moment we speak.


Maryland SEO Discovery Form

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